Headoffice: Porto Cervo

📌 Villaggio Marina 2A , 07021 , Arzachena (SS)
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A cruise on a private yacht is the most luxurious and unforgettable thing that you can do . It is like:
owning the keys to another world.

The nautical charter offers a sense of liberty and flexibility that can’t be compared with the restrictions of the itinerary of a cruise or the immobility of a hotel as exclusive as those can be. it’s basically customized for you and your guests because it satisfies your needs and desires giving an unforgettable experience in luxury and relaxation but at the same time you are in contact with nature.

To find the most suitable solution, we need to have as much information as we can, for example, if you prefer a sailing yacht or a motor yacht, what your budget is, are you a group of friends, a family or business people?
We want to know what your culinary preferences are and if you are often on board or mostly on land, the types of food that you prefer (to help determine what the chef will cook), if you have preferences as to places visited or if you need suggestions, what water sports you like and if you need a yacht made for kids with equipment that will entertain them.
Every single piece of information concerning your needs will be helpful for us in order to find the perfect yacht for you.

From the first phone call or email, we will send to you an initial selection of yachts: every yacht will be presented with a digital brochure and detailed information with prices and the terms of the charter.
After examining this information, you can call us in order to choose a specific yacht. Afterwards, once the suitable yacht is found, you will get a draft agreement with terms and conditions of your charter.
As soon as you have confirmed the charter, you will receive a ‘preferences list’ in which you can indicate your requirements, e. g. anniversaries or special events during the rental, dietary or allergy needs, water sports preferences, the sizes of coveralls, fins and wetsuits, magazines and papers that you need and your preferred drinks and wines. Using your answers to questions on all this, the yacht will be able to offer you the best service and allow the crew to prepare properly in advance.